Top bar Beehives for the Backyard

Pollination for your garden and honey for your toast

Top bar beehive Maker - Retired

Having retired I am moving from the current address and have closed the workshop. General info about top bar hives will remain here for a while.

If you want to get a hive made the details of how to make the hives are available to another maker

If you are not sure of which style of hive is best for you and your situation, the best source of information is other beekeepers at beekeeping club meetings. Beekeepers are absolutely bursting with information and experience and really enjoy sharing it with anyone interested in helping bees survive varroa etc so they can continue to provide us with honey and polination services. So get in touch with your local club during your research into which type of hive best suits you.

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Top bar Maker
Ian Levet

Pitched roof

A complete top bar hive. Seen from the bees side, two of the three entrances are closed with corks, winter setup.

Under the roof

With the roof off you can see a division board and the top bars. There are 2 std top bars laying there and a framed top bar (upside down).

The bottom of the hive has stainless steel mesh and an adjustable door. The door is altered to provide the correct ventilation for the season.


Here you can see the framed top bars through the window. The window cover (usually in place to keep the heat in and the light out) has been removed to see in the hive, handy for showing off the colony without disturbing the bees.